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IT Services for Your Business

Our deep bench of experienced technicians serve clients through simple, predictable, unlimited, flat-rate agreements.


Direct-to-Technician Help Desk

Our Friendly, Fast, and Familiar IT support resources are always at your disposal.

Go Direct-To-Tech

All user requests are handled directly by Workplace Technical Staff – ready to work on the issue. No more describing the issue to one person and waiting for a call back from another.

Call / Email / Chat

There isn’t one right way to get IT help and support. That is why we let you choose how you want to contact us.

Help When You Need It

IT issues don’t clock-in or clock-out. That is why our staff serves our clients both during and after normal business hours.


24/7 Systems Monitoring

Real-time intelligence collected on vital network components. Our staff gets timely insight into exceptions, addressing small issues to prevent big issues.

Platform Evolution

Developed over 25 years, our advanced 24/7 monitoring and alerting platform delivers security and stability for all our clients.

Persistent IT Processes

From verifying backup success to patch management and anti-virus/anti-malware protection, we take a janitorial approach to ensuring stable and secure daily IT operations.

IT Performance Stats

Whether its data growth, internet utilization, or customer feedback, data is logged, retained, and shared for analysis and future planning.


IT Security Guidance

Organizing and directing people, processes, and technology around five core objectives prevention, detection, containment, restoral, and response.

Defense through Awareness

People are the biggest target and the best defense which is why we educate and advise the entire company to build an understandingĀ of current threats to provide a secure network environment.

Critical Security Exceptions

During or after business hours, security and performance alerts are logged, investigated, and resolved to minimize business impact.

Advanced Technical Solutions

We continually evaluate and offer innovative technology products and solutions that effectively address challenges of the current and future threat landscape.


Solution Architecture & Implementation

Fully understanding your business requirements, educating you on alternatives, and implementing your preferred IT solutions.

Understanding Requirements

Our Design Architects discover your complete business and technical requirements, ensuring appropriate final design alternatives.

Relatable Alternatives

Effectively presenting all financial and technical details in easy-to-understand design deliverables. Providing certainty through education as you make critical IT investments.

Successful Implementation

Our experienced Project Mangers take responsibility for coordinating, directing, and supporting all aspects of your project, ultimately resulting in successful project execution.

Superior Client Experiences

  • 4

    “Thanks so much!”

  • 5

    “Identified and fixed the issue promptly.”

  • 5

    “very quick and very knowledgeable!!! Always a pleasant experience when I deal with IT! ”

  • 5

    “Everyone I talked to was very helpful and professional.”

  • 5

    “Reaching out to Viewpoint support to help me with my problem and immediately logging back into my computer when the problem persisted.”

  • 5

    “Kaleb was amazing!!! He went above and beyond to get and return the machine!!”

  • 4

    “Quick at responding to me and a quick fix. Thanks guys!!”

  • 5

    “Quick and polite.”

  • 5

    “Friendly and very knowledgable”

  • 4

    “Took the time to show me. I learned something new today. Thanks.”

  • 4

    “Thank you for helping so quickly! Have a great Friday!”

  • 5

    “You answered the phone and saved my day!!!! Yeah!!!!! LOL. AWESOME!!!!!!”

  • 5

    “Quick response and fix. Thanks!”

  • 5

    “Our request was time sensitive, and was handled quickly and thoroughly.”

  • 5

    “Fast service fixing the issues i was having. ”

  • 5

    “Daniel took care of my request immediately so I could continue with my project.”

  • 5

    “Thanks so much Scott. ”

  • 5

    “Polite, friendly, helpful. Thank you!”

  • 4

    “Aside from Connor transferring the chat out of the Grey team, things went great. ”

  • 5

    “Caden did great and fixed all the issues quickly! ”