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Workplace IT is your trusted local provider of cloud computing solutions and cloud computing support and consulting in the Worthington, MN area.  Cloud services offer cost benefits while availing mission-critical data to devices in your business network anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, implementing cloud computing solutions has its sets of challenges. For one, tuning cloud computing applications to your business needs can be expensive. Two, you must comprehend how your cloud services provider defends dependability claims and observe its services. And so on. At Workplace IT, we combine A-list talent, technology, and business process to formulate a custom cloud transformation strategy that drives value instead of costs. Contact us today to speak to a cloud computing solutions consultant. 

Harness the Power of the Cloud for Unparalleled Performance

Harness the power of digital transformation for ultimate scalability, low operational costs, and unparalleled performance with our all-encompassing cloud computing consulting services.


There’s no doubt that cloud services provide your organization with alternative ways to enhance production anywhere, anytime. They present solutions to most business problems – from email communications to a full-scaled hosted IT infrastructure. They are, in fact, a vital step in your digital transformation process: advancing scale, agility, and favorable economics.


However, shifting from legacy IT environments to public or private clouds has a set of challenges. You must understand how to plan, deploy, and support such a strategy, which can be daunting.

However, shifting from legacy IT environments to public or private clouds has a set of challenges. You must understand how to plan, deploy, and support such a strategy, which can be daunting.


Our cloud computing support helps recognize the power of cloud business solutions and implement transformation strategies that match your business and technical requirements. (All with zero business impact.)


If you’ve already migrated to the cloud, we can help troubleshoot your system, identify existing gaps, and optimize your processes. The goal is to help you maximize the power in your cloud investments, ultimately becoming a valuable leader in your space.

Get an All-Encompassing Cloud Computing Support

We take an end-to-end approach to cloud transformation – from cloud adoption assessment through the actual migration to cloud infrastructure management. Our business analysts, developers, cloud consultants, and DevOps engineers ensure your cloud environment is safe, efficient, and high performing.


Our offerings include:



  • · Cloud strategy. We help clients evaluate their readiness to migrate to the cloud. We then formulate a migration plan that oversees architecture design, framework, cloud operation model, data workloads, and deployment activities. Ours is to establish migration best practices while avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • · Cloud-native development. We adopt DevOps operating models and Agile implementation techniques, leveraging microservices, containers, and modular app development.
· Front-end modernization. We promote the development and modernization of cloud-based applications with DevOps and Agile methodologies.
· Cloud cyber security. When migrating your legacy IT systems to the cloud, we leverage identity-centric security models to ensure your assets are well-protected.
· Cloud machine learning. We help you implement machine learning strategies to help make sense of data. We achieve this by gathering and integrating big data for behavior analysis, automation, predictive analytics, etc.
· Extract transform load. We provide support for extracting data from different sources. We then restructure the collected data for queries and analysis. Next, we insert it into a system that’s usable by multiple applications.
· Cloud migration services. We can guide your business’ migration to hybrid and public cloud environments and formulate niche-specific solutions. We help you discover, plan and deploy workloads like virtual machines, servers, and data warehouses.  

Every Aspect of Your Cloud Adoption Is Taken Care Of

Our business analysts coordinate with the solution architects to ensure your cloud migration and usage journey is smooth. Our methodology takes into account:


· IT infrastructure assessment. We get a hold of your application dependencies, critical infrastructure, business objectives, and an estimated budget to formulate a cloud migration and implementation strategy – paving the way to risk-free cloud adoption.


· Planning. We design a secure, future-proof, and compliant cloud architecture. We also select an optimal tech stack for you and draw up a detailed implementation plan aligned with your technical and business requirements.


· Development and deployment. We can oversee or implement your cloud deployment, setting up best implementation practices to speed up the process.


· Optimization. If you’ve already migrated to the cloud, we can optimize your resource consumption, cut operating costs, or improve compliance.


· Ongoing support. We monitor and optimize cloud resource spend, perform compliance checks, extend your cloud computing portfolio, and provide staff training to ensure your workflows are secure, swift, and in line with your business process.  

How Your Business Can Benefit from Cloud Consulting Support

We harness your business strengths to deliver the right cloud computing solution, speed up delivery and guarantee long-term sustainability. In turn, your business enjoys:


· Reduced migration costs

· High development speed

· Optimized cloud costs and performance

· Reliability and recovery

· Enhanced security

Why Work with Workplace IT?

· Vendor-agnostic. We only resort to cloud tools and technologies that suit your business workflows while avoiding vendor lock-in.


· Diverse expertise. Our cloud computing specialists have years of experience providing cloud consultancy for businesses across different industries.


· Top engineers with niche skills. With a 200-strong team and counting, we boast professionals skilled in business analysis, DevOps, cloud solution architecture, etc.


· Positive track record. We’ve served hundreds of satisfied clients across the state.  

Undergo Digital Transformation, Risk-Free

Our cloud computing consulting services are focused on making your digital transformation drive business value, not costs. We strive to ensure your cloud infrastructure is scalable along with your business processes for unstoppable growth. We leverage best practices and advanced security tools for utmost data protection. We also avail comprehensive compliance controls for GDPR, HIPAA, and other standards. Overall, we establish efficient cloud adoption and usage to ensure optimal performance.

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